These are images of the built-in furniture designed for an apartment interior in Chennai. Since the Client intended to rent out the apartment, we chose a minimal material palette to suit the needs of the unknown user.

The project gave us the opportunity to study about possibilities of developing a design with minimal material palette in a limited budget. The challenge was to arrive at right proportions for the whole and the parts, and to play with the tonal variations.

The handle was conceived as a part of the overall design and the shadow lines created by them add to the character of the furniture.

The outer frames were made with tapered teak wood sections which add the element of craftsmanship.

Brass butt hinges were chosen over concealed hinges considering the daily use of the wardrobes and in also articulates the vertical lines.

The vertical and horizontal handles meet in various combinations and create interesting intersections.

Client: Mr. Ganesh Chella

Design : Niha Amina, Rijesh K

Carpenter : Mr. Shanker and Team


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