This project involves renovation and redesigning of a guest house located in the temple town of Srirangam. The plot of size 17′ x 104′ is tightly sandwiched between the row houses with a narrow passage leading to the rooms. The priority was to rework on the openings and walls to arrive at an open plan, which brought in natural light and ventilation for the living spaces.  

Considering the heritage value of the location it was necessary to retain the architectural characteristics of the neighborhood in the design of the exteriors and interiors.

These images show the state of the structure when the project was handed over to us.

The redesigned facade tries to stay faithful to the characteristics of the traditional dwelling typology, yet the articulation is kept to minimum.

The tiled roof is supported with MS rafters and the vent above lets light and air in.

The design borrows the seating element of Kerala ( Charupadi) crafted by carpenters from Karaikudi.

The wall surfaces are painted in white to brighten up the spaces with the rich colors of the Athangudi tiles, teak wood furniture from Karaikudi with ceramic inlays, the chandeliers and the curtains.

Opening up the staircase walls and providing wider openings for headroom walls , helped to bring in natural light and ventilation by stack effect.

The large full height openings of the bedrooms have curtains for privacy

Design Team : Rijesh K, Niha Amina

Contractor : Creative Builders, Trichy

Carpentry : Mr. Raghu , Karaikudi

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