This is a project in Mylapore, Chennai to design the built-in furniture for 3 apartments. We were involved in the project from the initial stages of construction, 2017 onwards. Each apartment had unique requirements and  we tried to arrive at different design language for each of them based on their needs and preferences.



This is a TV console  and panel for the living room. Within the allotted budget the task was to arrive at a design that will work within the large living room and the high ceiling. The unit is made with BWP plywood, wooden veneer, tinted glass with aluminum frames and marble patterned laminate. The wood is minimally used to create contrast to the black tinted glass and the muted counter top.

The detail of the countertop is made to appear like a floating plane. The backdrop of the TV is a panel made with laminate of random marble pattern with grooves.

The volumes of the cabinet is designed to balance the void and mass ratio. The handles are integrated with the edges of the shutters to make the unit appear sleek.

This is a crockery unit with serving counter for dining. The design language follows that of the TV console and the same material palette is used.

The console is designed to satisfy different storage requirements.


This is a door design for the puja room. We tried to integrate some amount of ornamentation into the design without deviating much from the other furniture items.

The top and bottom panels of the doors were made from veneer of 2 different shades and fixed manually with contrasting edge beadings.

These shutters are foldable and can be either part or fully opened as per reqiurement.

This is the wardrobe for parents room. Here again we have integrated minimal ornamentation to bring a character to the otherwise blank shutters.

The shutters are made from BWP plywood and veneer. The handles are custom designed and integrated with the shutters.

The veneer marquetry was manually done at site and special care was taken to arrive at the proportions of all elements and alignment of the grooves for articulation.

This is a similar wardrobe for the son room but instead of a classical ornamentation we tried a more playful detailing for the patterns and handle. Also we left the middle shelves open considering the need of the user.


This is the kitchen customized as per client needs and their choice of tiles and laminates.


Design Team : Libin , Logesh, Subbitsha

Carpenter : Sankar and team

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