This is a project in Mylapore, Chennai to design the built-in furniture for 3 apartments. We were involved in the project from the initial stages of construction, 2017 onwards. Each apartment had unique requirements and  we tried to arrive at different design language for each of them based on their needs and preferences.



In this apartment we have used horizontal lines to articulate the elements.

This is a TV console  and panel for the living room. The design concept was a make the whole unit appear floating by recessing the base and then making the top appear floating.

The unit is made with BWP plywood, wooden veneer, tinted glass with aluminum frames and quartz stone.

This is a room divider cum crockery unit which can be accessed from both sides of the room. In order to make the furniture appear lighter visually we used slender SS legs.

The horizontal lines of the veneer grooves are continued as the horizontal planes of shelves and counter tops.

The room divider tries to connect the TV unit and the Puja room with its treatment and detailing.

In the sequence of things , after the room divider comes the puja unit. This is designed to appear as a furniture and not an enclosed room. Hence the upper part was made with railings.

The horizontal lines from the other 2 furniture are carried over here in the form of beadings.

Following are wardrobes for different rooms. This one is a the master walk-in closet.

A slightly darker shade was chosen for this room considering the amount of natural light.

The handles are custom- designed and the horizontal SS inlays breaks the monotony of the shutters.

This is parents room wardrobe, where the horizontal lines are defined by the closely cut vertical grooves.

The horizontal band is integrated with the custom designed handles.

The kitchen is made as a open- kitchen with beige and grey theme.

Design Team: Libin, Haritha, Monica


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