This is a project in Mylapore, Chennai to design the built-in furniture for 3 apartments. We were involved in the project from the initial stages of construction, 2017 onwards. Each apartment had unique requirements and  we tried to arrive at different design language for each of them based on their needs and preferences.



This is a crockery unit cum puja cabinet integrated one unit that covers the entire width of the wall.

The design and detailing of the cabinet itself becomes the wall treatment. 

The central focal point with the floral design is the puja unit with brass handles.

On either side of the puja is the crockery shelves and counter for serving.

The handle detailing is minimal and integrated as part of the design.

This is storage unit with customized handles.

The handles by itself becomes a visual element for the shutters.

This is a wardrobe for kids room with sliding shutters.

The kitchen detailing and color scheme is kept minimalist in line with the client needs.

Design team : Libin, Varsha, Nivetha

Carpenter : Sankar and team

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