This is a recently completed 1600 sqft residence in Puthukode, Kerala. The house faces east with access through a private road. It is built in a 6 cent rectangular plot which is 25 degrees tilted to the cardinal directions. Hence the layout is  determined by the orientation and the setbacks.

The ground floor has a verandah, living room, dining room, puja room, kitchen ,2 bedrooms with toilets and first floor has a study and 2 bedrooms.

The architectural style is inspired by the vernacular character of the nearby buildings.

The continuous sunshades protect the walls during rains and provide protection from sun.

The windows were designed uniquely for each spaces, with box windows acting as seats from inside.

The entrance verandah acts as a welcoming space and also reduces the temperature while entering the living room.

The placement of the box windows on either side of porch are symmetrical, whereas the main door and the first windows are placed asymmetrically yet balanced in composition.

The window shutters are divided into 2 halves which provides different configurations for usage.

The outer frame is painted with dark brown and the jack wood shutters polished to its natural shade to provide contrast.

The sunshade framework is fabricated with MS sections and painted brown.

The glass in living rooms are plain glass and frosted in bedrooms for privacy.

The grillwork was integrated into the frame during wall construction.

Combination of general lights and decorative lights are provided.

Built-in seats in the verandah has granite tops with shoe rack below.

The verandah has ceiling tile along with the Manglaore tiles in the top.

Box windows act as seating in the living area. The staircase railing is made from MS sections and wooden handrail.

The house is well lit by windows from all directions, also from the stairwell which has a skylight.

The flooring is 2’x 4′ matt finished vitrified tiles. For the staircase, full body vitrified tiles were used.

The kitchen opens directly to the dining area. It is furnished with cabinets of neutral color scheme.


Design team : Rijesh, Rubini , Suriya

Contractor : Navas, Kondotty.

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