A workstation with varied functionality and material palette of wood, glass and metal. It provides a focused working environment with appropriate spatial design, lighting and materials. The design evolved from the physical dimensions as the niche depth was too less for a worktable. Hence the overall unit was made into 3 segments (also considering the ease of construction and transport) with the central desk cantilevering from the wall and two side storage units. 01

The central worktop is made with kalimaruthu edges and lacquered glass withdrawers for storage of stationery. The electrical wires are concealed behind the worktop and access doors are provided for maintenance. 02

The wall panels are divided into fabric panel pin-up boards and lacquered glass writing boards. Topmost storage units have glass shutters and aluminium frames.


03Execution Team : Infurn India – Sudhakar, BK, Paramesh , Dasa

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