This is an apartment project of area 2500 sqft , located in Tambaram, Chennai. The project was handed over to us after the builder had already completed the foundation. The design challenge was to incorporate the new requirements of the Clients, which was to have an open plan and bring in better lighting and ventilation.

Various schemes were developed based on the existing column layouts.

The finalised option had a 45 cm buffer space all around the building which contains the service shafts, window balconies, wardrobes and other storage spaces. This concept gave us a clean interior layout inside the apartment.

The overall form was developed based on the mass- void relationship between the openings and the storage spaces.



The client wanted to go with rustic material that age over time- hence we have used reclaimed teakwood for the joinery and kota stone for the flooring.   

These wide openings bring in light and ventilation for the living spaces.

The sliding louver systems ensure protection from weather and provide privacy.

The openings for the interior of bedrooms were also designed considering storage spaces.


Design team – Rijesh K, Haritha, Akshay

Builder- Annaiarul, Tambaram

Carpenters: Infurn India

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