This project involved the design of  interiors of  3000 sqft guest house for a Shoe manufacturing company in Vellore. The brief provided was to evolve a design based on monochromatic color scheme and minimalist surface treatments with restrained sophistication in detailing.

For each room we arrived at a geometric theme and evolved the design elements accordingly. The client had provided few design references which also became the inspiration for few rooms.

Guest room suite 1 – theme was based on square grid patterns.

Suite 2- theme was based on vertical lines and the headboard detailing was evolved accordingly

Suite 3- theme was based on horizontal lines and the headboard pattern and lighting were designed in that spirit.

The common spaces like dining room , reception , lounge etc , were designed with a common themes of vertical panels and gray scale color scheme.

Lounge space with storage rooms concealed behind the wall panels.

The reception lounge was designed in response to the already existing spiral staircase and a strong circular element was created in the false ceiling.

The recreation lounge.

The project was conceived keeping in mind the budget restriction, hence less expensive materials like laminates, vitrified tiles, existing furniture were used.

Design team – Libin Bowri, Sandhya, Varsha, Rijesh

Photographs – Libin Bowri

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