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ARCHIVE – 2017 (02)

This is an un-built project in 2017 for which we had made the conceptual design. The project is a small kitchen for a cafeteria of a co-working space in Chennai. We took the design inspiration from the character of the local tea shops and their versatility in opening up to different configurations. Hence the design concept […]

ARCHIVE – 2017 (01)

We would like to share the design process of a project for which we had done the conceptual design but not taken further for execution . This was a proposal for a 2000 sq.ft.  jewellery boutique in Chennai. Following images shows the process of design development. Design Team : Rijesh K, Akshay, Sanjanaa , Haritha Client […]

split level house – design experience

The project is a 2800 sqft residence in a north -facing plot of size 25′ x 50′ in Velachery for Mr.Suresh and Ms.Geetha. The sketches below show the process of design development. The core concept of the project was to arrive a permeable and overflowing living spaces within the narrow plot. The idea of split […]


The project is a 2200 sqft residence in a north facing plot of size 25′ x 50′ for Mr. Alagar and Ms. Jayanthi in Velachery. The Clients have their roots in the Chettinad region and their primary brief was to design a house which reflects the architectural characteristics of their region. Initially the project was […]


Garden house , gets the name from the concept of the roof garden in the 1200 sqft residence located in a dense neighborhood of North Chennai. The house is located in a north facing – plot of dimensions 19′ x 63′. The house is flanked by buildings to west and south, access road to the […]


This project involves renovation and redesigning of a guest house located in the temple town of Srirangam. The plot of size 17′ x 104′ is tightly sandwiched between the row houses with a narrow passage leading to the rooms. The priority was to rework on the openings and walls to arrive at an open plan, […]


These are images of the built-in furniture designed for an apartment interior in Chennai. Since the Client intended to rent out the apartment, we chose a minimal material palette to suit the needs of the unknown user. The project gave us the opportunity to study about possibilities of developing a design with minimal material palette […]


Garden house is a 1500 sqft , 2 storeyed house under construction in Vinayagapuram, Chennai. The narrow width of the plot with close proximity of adjacent buildings posed numerous challenges to accommodate the functional and spatial requirements, without compromising the dreams and needs of the Client. Following sketches show the design process and explorations.   Team : Rijesh […]


The brief was to convert a court between two houses into a garden space with pleasing views from both houses, gathering spaces, flower  and vegetable gardens. The pictures below show the process of design and execution.  Final pictures shall be updated soon.


A workstation with varied functionality and material palette of wood, glass and metal. It provides a focused working environment with appropriate spatial design, lighting and materials. The design evolved from the physical dimensions as the niche depth was too less for a worktable. Hence the overall unit was made into 3 segments (also considering the […]