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Gaja table – is a centre table for one of our Clients who has a huge collection of elephants sculptures and collectibles. The furniture is made from reclaimed teak wood. We integrated a chess board as the surface made of teak and Kalimaruthu planks, with concealed drawers lined with blue leather inside. The lower tray is […]


‘The Assistant’ is a multi-utility mobile unit , which serves as a right assistant for the user by accommodating everything that is needed in a work space. Following sketches show the design development of the unit.   The furniture is made from finger-jointed rubwood board and brass hardware.   Carpentry team : Infurn India – […]


These are 2 pieces of cot-effective furniture made from rubwood finger jointed boards. Book shelf which also doubles up as wall side console. 1′ deep Shoe rack for a narrow corridor space. 3 different arrangements for different sizes / purpose Carpentry team – INFURN INDIA : Suresh, Chandresh, Balavanth, Manoj  

my desk

A desk designed for my office with rubberwood board. Initial sketches were drawn and cardboard model made for understanding the proportions and structure. The concept was to make a detachable table with the top containing storage and the legs independent of the top. Accordingly the structure of the desk evolved. As seen here the legs […]


These are the construction images of the Cot taken over a period of 3-4 months. The design details evolved during the construction process after explorations of mock-ups and samples. The end product is a synthesis of the preliminary concepts of the designer and every member of the execution team including the carpenters and metal fabricators. Most […]

diamond table

‘Diamond table’ is an attempt to arrive at a harmonious visual composition with a highly expressive material palette of teak wood and marble, sculpted into pure geometrical forms of squares, triangles and circles. The elegant lines of brass for the table top and the handles, grooves and gaps help in emphasizing the geometrical forms to stand-up to the visual richness of the […]

disc table

Explorations to arrive at a connection detail between the glass and the slender teakwood frame, gave rise to an interesting element – ‘ the disc’ and hence the name.


Series of mock-ups were done to study the most comfortable size and shape. Made from reclaimed slabs of teakwood and crafted with hand by the team of Infurn India – Sudhakar, Edwin, Kamlesh, Balavanth and Rajasekar. Upholstery – Saravanan. Availability and price – on request.    


Continuing with the spirit of the mid-century furniture style, this is design for a center table, incorporating the chess squares as the table top. The design encourages playful interaction between users and at the same time remains calm as a gentle coffee table. The furniture is made of reclaimed teak wood, 1 1/2 ” planks […]