These are the construction images of the Cot taken over a period of 3-4 months. The design details evolved during the construction process after explorations of mock-ups and samples. The end product is a synthesis of the preliminary concepts of the designer and every member of the execution team including the carpenters and metal fabricators. Most of the mechanical component details were developed without technical drawings and mostly based on the intuition and experience of the workers.

We still consider this project as a baby step and this whole process as a learning experience in many aspects.p03

preliminary mock-up in plywood. the side table design was changed after this stage.


the base frame under construction. reclaimed wooden planks shortlisted for the headboard based on the grain patterns



the lever detail for the mesh post – preliminary mock up p04

fine – tuning the details and refining the forms in MS


Final metal components made from SS


wooden mock-up for the retractable side tablep07

MS mock-up for the retractable side tablep15

final detail for the mesh postp10

a day at the workshop


Sudhakar and Edwin – the 2 key people at work!


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