my desk

A desk designed for my office with rubberwood board.

Initial sketches were drawn and cardboard model made for understanding the proportions and structure.

The concept was to make a detachable table with the top containing storage and the legs independent of the top. Accordingly the structure of the desk evolved.

As seen here the legs can be attached to the top with screws and nut. Since the rubber board is lightweight its easy for handling as well.

the desk after assembly..

deep brown wooden knobs articulate the drawer face.

the joint between the top and the leg is defined by a recess.

In order to make the top appear lighter the drawers were recessed in the front and back which gives a floating appearance.

the legs  are made of twin planks which provide the sufficient strength and make the legs look lighter

two narrow drawers on either ends for smaller items and the central wider one for books and laptop

This was a good exercise for designing a furniture economically with minimum material usage.

Carpentry team : Infurn India – Suresh, Chandresh, Balvanth



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