Inspired by the Danish modern design, the ‘ring table’ gets its name from the 3 brass rings which define the connect between the form, structure and creates a visual interest for the table top. This is an amalgamation of the simplicity and elegance of the mid – century design and an improvisation of the joinery details by our local craftsmen.

Materials used include reclaimed teakwood  of 1 ” thick planks for top and 2 ” blocks shaped to profile for the legs. Kalimaruthu wood is used for the spline joints between the planks for the top which is expressed along the edges of the top. A unique detail of the wooden circular disc ties together the arms and keeps them firm. Finally an improvisation of the circular tenon with a brass ring forms the final connector of the legs and the top.

Finished with a coat of wood sealer!

Thanks to the carpentry team of Infurn India – Sudhakar, Edwin and BK

01 comp

02 comp

03 comp

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