Continuing with the spirit of the mid-century furniture style, this is design for a center table, incorporating the chess squares as the table top. The design encourages playful interaction between users and at the same time remains calm as a gentle coffee table.

The furniture is made of reclaimed teak wood, 1 1/2 ” planks for the top and 2″ dia for the legs. The squares are made of the cross sections of teak and kalimaruthu planks to achieve a subtle yet distinctive pattern and provided with brass edge along the periphery with brass squares to emphasize the boundaries of the battle field . The drawers are made of teakwood planks with dovetail joints, lined with blue suede,brass knobs and tracks made with brass.

Thanks to the carpentry team of Infurn India – Sudhakar, Babu, Edwin, BK, Paramesh and Rajsekar.

squares02 squares01


With a complement set of imported ‘Judith Polgar’ Chess men!



This is a variant of the ring table, with a planks arranged in one direction to give the appearance of a single wide plank. The leg is protected with a brass sole and hence the name.

sole table

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