‘Arunagiri Perumale’ is a musical documentary by Pradeep Kumar and team. The documentary covers the journey of Pradeep, a trained musician, through various parts of Tamil Nadu to learn about the mystic poet – Arunagirinathar. Arunagirinathar was a medieval era Tamil poet who has rendered numerous devotional poems including the well- known Thiruppugazh, devoted to Lord Muruga.

The documentary depits the life events of Arunagirinathar, his devotion for Lord Muruga, the journey of Pradeep and the orchestral renditions by Pradeep.

The concept of the poster was to communicate these ideas, through forms, patterns, symbols in an unified and indistinguishable manner. These elements merge into one another and brings together Lord Muruga (symbols) , Arunagirinathar (parrot),  Pradeep Kumar (head) and the landscapes into one!




preliminary sketch01sketch20161121poster-trial-02


the ‘kurinchi’ landscape with hills,temples, plains, rivers, forests, the oceans with pearls, peacock, vel and Aum ( best viewed in desktop)


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